Yasutora "Chad" Sado (senor_chado) wrote,
Yasutora "Chad" Sado

Room 312; Sunday Evening [03/08 ].

Chad was having the perfect sort of Sunday. His stomach was full with some leftover Chinese food, and he had been reclining on his bed for most of the day, with kittens curled up next to him (well, cat all the time since Prince Oscar Pedro was more than happy to be lazy with him; Camilla was another case, sometimes curling up with her hairless big brother, other times going off and sulking dramatically because Dinah had been out all afternoon). And there was music. Of course there was music, Chad oblivious to anything else at the moment that wasn't feline or basslines.

Mmmm, basslines.

[[ door and post are open! ]]
Tags: caaaaats are pretty much awesome, music, room 312
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